Christmas Lips With Estee Lauder

“There are no rules in love” and especially during Christmas. As Christmas is soon approaching, parties are beginning to pop-up and everyone is merrier. Love is truly all around us. As you understand, I just love Christmas. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” after all! Christmas begs for experimentation, fun, glamour and love, so as a true lipstick girl, I had to search for the perfect lipstick to help me share the love and create all of these gorgeous lip trends I have been seeing on the runways and the streets this past year. This year I’ll do that with Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Love lipsticks. Besides, “There’s so many ways to love” just as Estee Lauder states. Christmas is all about love and spreading it around, so what better range and brand to help me do that, than Estee Lauder?!


Below, you can browse at the shades I have, so that you can get an idea of what the brand offers in this range.

Pure Color Love is Estee Lauder’s latest lipstick launch and it is amazing! They must be the most playful lipsticks ever made and Estee Lauder definitely had a lot of fun creating them. They, also, have possibly the best promotion ever! They dare you to “mix, remix” the shades and “create your look”. The Pure Color Love lipsticks have a unique, never-before-seen bullet, super glam packaging and they are loaded with super lip-loving ingredients. They come in crèmes, chromes, mattes, shimmers and more, and have “a deliciously balmy texture”. As Estee Lauder states on their website “mattes are bold, vibrant, rich, long-lasting and feel weightless. Keep that “just applied look” for hours”.


As part of the promotion, they made a super fun video starring Kendal Jenner and Elle King in her song Wild Love, promoting even more the “love” concept of the range (Pure Color LOVE). In the video, star some of the best shades of the range.

            Another fun way they chose to promote their latest lipsticks is them showing you, on their website, how you can do three of the latest lip trends. For each lip trend they suggest three lip combos and so nine different lip looks. Different shades give out a different aesthetic and so the looks and styles change, even though the technique used is the same. Take a look.

Below you can see a few promotional photos by Estee Lauder simply because I love their style.

Stay tuned on BFL’s Instagram account to find out which looks I’m going for this holiday season using my favourite shades from this collection. I really do hope you loved these lipsticks like I do and that you did enjoy my suggestions on how to wear them during the holiday season. Please follow my social media accounts to be the first to learn all the latest happening right here at Beauty-Full Lifestyle. Until next time I wish you have a great day and remember to smile.


xx, Angie.

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