Hair Secrets: Holiday Hair!

My dear girls, the new year is coming soon, along with new beginnings. Leaving behind all the negative thoughts and feelings, we should restart with an optimistic attitude and, definitely, embrace a beauty-full lifestyle.

Internal beauty is a personal matter. I am here to tip you on external glow.

Let's get prepared by healing our hair in order to see the results during the holidays.

Here are the treatments that will make your hair better than ever:

During my recent trip to Mexico I met with and talked to local people who impressed me with their shiny, healthy long hair (both natural and dyed). They revealed to me their beauty secret. Coconut oil. A small bottle, with a terrific scent that I could never imagine how miraculous it could be on the hair.

I can assure you that you will be amazed by the results. I strongly encourage you to try it. Coconut oil is easy to find. You must slightly heat it in order to penetrate your hair in the most effective way. Apply it and put a hot towel for as long as you like from thirty minutes to an hour.

Alternatively, you can go to the drug store and buy castor oil and almond oil. Mix the two in equal analogies and apply it the same way as the coconut oil. I' ll also give you another tip. You can apply castor oil on your eye brows and eye lashes and I'm sure you'll be amazed by the results!

Something that you should keep in mind is how you remove the oil from your hair. A common mistake is to put water before the shampoo. This is not the case. You should apply the shampoo on dry hair and massage smoothly. Then rinse your hair off with water.

Hurry girls! Santa Clause is coming soon and he must find us at our best!


Andreas Binas

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