Tom Ford Nail Polishes

You know I've never found a brand I was particularly obsessed with any shade of nail polish I got. But when started using nail polishes by Tom Ford I knew I found the one. They have great texture, great consistency, great longevity (they last for about a week on my nails) and the shades are just the best of the market. They are just perfection. I mean I never expected to find a nail polish brand that I would love so much. I mean you would expect that just like most people, I would fall in love with Essie or OPI or some other nail polish brand (doing just nail polishes). But no. I fell in love with Tom Ford's nail polishes. I think though that this also depends on each person's nails. Some brands are better for some people and other brands are better for other people. Don't get me wrong I love OPI and some of Essie's shades but sometimes it is too hard to find one you love because they have so many. Tom Ford has a small selection of nail polishes and it is very easy to spot one you love. He has classic shades and up until now I have adored every single one I have gotten. I have spotted two more that I want to get but I am sure that I will find more I love. I am definitely a classics' girl so you know fansy shades are not really my thing. If you love fansy shades then you're probably good with classic nail polish brands. I understand that Tom Ford is a very expensive brand, one of the most expensive out there, but some his products are worth every, single cent. Below you can see the shades I have.

So I hope you enjoyed this post and that you did find something you liked in there. In the comment section below let me know if you've tried and liked any of them. Please don't forget to subscribe on my blog and follow my other social media accounts. Until next week, have a great day and weekend. 

Lots of love,

xoxo, Angie. 

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