Bobbi Brown Remedies

Bobbi Brown just only recently released some new skincare products called Remedies. They consist of 5 serums specifically created to combat certain skin problems and a balm which was created to hydrate any part of the face or body needing an extra hydration boost. Since I managed to get my hands on them early enough, I decided to show you what I got and give you all the information you’ll need to understand what each of them do and which is the best one for you. All the information I’ll be getting will be from my experience from the products I got and from the Bobbi Brown website and for the ones I haven’t got just from the website. Also, I got a few pictures from Pinterest. Let’s get started!


Instructions for Use:

Concerning the serums of the range, for you to observe best results use 2-3 drops daily, twice a day BEFORE you use any of the products of your skincare routine. You can layer the serums, too. Right after washing your face you must use these and then go ahead follow your skincare routine.

Skin Clarifier No. 75

This first one isn’t one I got. It battles pores and blemishes so I suppose that this one will be quite popular. It “helps balance oil levels” and increase the production of skin’s cells in a way that is most effective but still gentle, helping to clear out pores. It accomplishes these with its amazing ingredients being: manuka oil, sea buckthorn oil, rosehip oil, saw palmetto oil. According to the website it:

  • Clears out pores
  • Controls sebum
  • Normalizes cell turnover
  • Gently exfoliates, refines and balances skin
  • Creates a healthy skin environment

Skin Reviver No. 91

This is one the serums I got because I loved that it fought dull, tired skin. Who doesn’t have tired skin these days. Especially us women with all the things we have to do, and the makeup we wear everyday for so many hours daily, how can our skin not be tired? This is serum is packed with certain ferments that are full of antioxidants and bring life back to our skin with its amazing ingredients: power greens treatment, chlorella extract and energen complex.


As the website suggests, this serum:

  • Supports skin’s natural function for overall health
  • Energises skin
  • Helps replenish vital skin nutrients
  • Helps protect skin from environmental aggressors


Skin Moisture Solution No. 86

I feel like this was especially made for my skin. It is a real miracle worker and it successfully combats dry, parched skin. This serum is probably a pure Hyaluronic Acid serum as its only ingredient is sodium hyaluronate and it creates a Hyaluronic Acid Complex which helps not only moisture and hydrate the skin but also makes sure that the skin produces its own natural ingredients making sure skin stays hydrated.

As the website suggests, this serum:

  • Helps increase skin’s natural moisturizing factor
  • Helps restore skin’s optimal moisture levels
  • Minimizes skin tautness

Skin Fortifier No. 93

I think that this could be the perfect solution and prevention for wrinkles and other age “damage” on the skin, as it combats the loss of skin’s elasticity. One reason that our skin ages is because it looses with age its essential natural oils and so it begins to break and loose its tightness.  According to the website, it “rebuilds and strengthens the skin’s structure making it more resilient and better equipped to fend off future damage”. It also “helps restore skin’s ability to protect itself” and “keep moisture in and toxins out” using ingredients such as muru muru butter, meadowfoam seed oil, olive oil, raspberry leaf wax and soybean sterols. So you do understand that this oil is one of the essentials for almost everyone!

Skin Relief No. 80

If you have sensitive skin you are definitely going to love this one as it combats any redness and irritations the skin may have. It is packed with “powerful skin calmers” such as natural polysaccharides in red algae, ascophyllum nodosum extract and asparagopsys armata extract which help do the following according to the website:

  • Reduce the impact of stress on skin
  • Help prevent and reduce the appearance of redness
  • Immediately reduce irritation and help keep future irritation at bay
  • Reduce skin damage due to irritation
  • Ideal for sensitive skin

Skin Salve No. 57

Now this I have tried on my lips and it is the most amazing lip balm ever. It isn’t just a lip balm, though. It was made to combat chapped, cracked skin acting “as a “skin bandage” enhancing skin’s own protective barrier and supporting its natural restorative process” through its amazing ingredients which include: shea butter, beeswax and carrot & licorice.

To use it warm it in between your hands and dab it on your skin. This restoring treatment is ideal for severely damaged, dry, cracked skin moisturizing and repairing it.


I hope you enjoyed this post and that you found something new and exciting to get your hands on next time you are out shopping or looking for something unique. If you enjoyed this post please subscribe to my blog and follow our social media profiles on Facebook (Beauty-Full Lifestyle), Pinterest (Red Velvet Beauty), Instagram (, Twitter (@beautyfulllifes), Bloglovin’ (Beauty-Full Lifestyle, @beautyfulllifestyle) and Youtube coming soon (Red Velvet Beauty). Until next time, have a great day and keep smiling… it’s quite addicting!


xoxo, Angie.


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