Beauty Release: Bobbi Brown Long Wear Waterproof Liner

When Bobbi Brown comes out with a new release you now it’s always a good idea to try it because 99% of the times it’s a success. From skincare to makeup Bobbi Brown nails it every time! Her eyeliners have always been points of conversation among the biggest makeup artists of the world and makeup junkies alike. They are perfect, deliver always, have perfect shades and are as stable as marketed. 

As you understand, therefore, I had to get them of course so that I can try them and if I liked them I would be able to do a post about them (as you know I only do positive reviews). I got the two darkest shades and oh how I loved them! They were amazing! I am so obsessed with them. They are the only thing I wear these days and I am really, really happy about them.

  • They are waterproof (as the name suggests, too)
  • They last forever
  • They are made to also tightline (line your waterline)
  • They are really precise to help you create any liner look you want
  • They come in 8 incredible shades
  • Their shades come off really intense and crisp
  • They do not smudge

Personally I like my eyeliner to be black due to my colours but with these liners I am seriously considering getting some shades to add on top of my black liner so as to keep the intensity but also add a touch of colour, too, whenever I feel like it. I think that they’re gonna be my new beach faves. I’ll test them and see how they perform.

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xoxo, Angie.