New Release: Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily Lipsticks

When I think of Dolce & Gabbana their lipsticks isn’t the first thing that comes to my mind. Italy and Sicily do and that’s due to their adverts these few years. I have loved the brand for a really, really long time now and so when they came out with their beauty range I knew it would be a good one to try. It became one of my favourites but still one of those that I have a love-hate relationship. Not that I ever hate it by definition but you know … there are times that I love other brands way more. So last week I was at my nearest Dolce & Gabbana Beauty stand because I saw their advert and it drew me in because I loved the model’s lips and started browsing at their new lipstick range: the Miss Sicily lipsticks!!


Now I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to travel to Italy since I was very little. I have been there more times than I can remember but it was always from Rome and up. Never South Italy and so it has been a dream of mine. So when I first read the name of these new lipsticks it travelled me there and I had to try them.

They have this unique balmy texture that is super moisturizing. So moisturizing that I wear them at night to keep my lips hydrated throughout the night. Plus waking up to beautiful, hydrated, juicy lips is all I can ask for. Depending on the shade you’ll get, lipsticks are more of less buildable. The shades of lipstick I got and you see in the photo above (with order from left to right) are:

  • Agata
  • Caterina
  • Onofria

Onofria is I think the sheerest and then the other two are more buildable. Considering their texture, these lipsticks stay put long – enough and they feel most comfortable. They have been my lips saviours this past week and have quickly earned their place as favourites of mine.

To make them look bolder I use their matching lip liners completely covering my lips with them before applying the lipsticks. They are magical. The model on the ad has used a lip liner with the lipstick and so you can also see the result you’ll get using the lip liner, too. Both ways they look amazing and I recommend them 100%. Below you can also have a look of a few more promo photos and the rest of the shades from the range!

All you have to do is choose your favourite shade from the Miss Sicily (I just adore this name) range and enjoy your perfect, juicy, bold or sheer, sexy, summer lip!! Thank you very much for taking the time to read my post. If you did enjoy this post please share it and follow BFL’s social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Bloglovin’, Twitter and Youtube. Until next time, have a great weekend and remember to keep smiling! Summer is almost here and even I am excited about it!


Lots of love,


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