Hair Trends Now

My dear girls, the time has come to get informed on the new hair trends. You can pick and choose the trend that suits your personal style, starting with the LOB (long bob) with layers and partings of the hair in the middle in case you have an oval shaped face.

Alternatively, you can part your hair on the side for a more post punk look and feel.

The other trend worshiped by the top designers such as Louis Vuitton and Emilio Pucci is the very short bob with short bangs, endorsing a 20's style and flair. This hair style will make you look really special with a distinct fashion taste and attitude.

Last but not least, for the Rapunzel - like, hair lovers, you can give your long hair either a silky straight style, or a wavy, boho look, depending on your personal preference and the different occasions.

Choose according to your mood and stay in Vogue and up to date all season long.

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