New Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Colour

You know I am such a lipstick girl. Whenever a new range or shade comes out I just have to try it. This time it was Bobbi Brown that launched a new lipstick range. Thinking about it, there have been so many amazing launches since the beginning of 2017. Especially lip-related. The new Crushed Lip Colour lipsticks by Bobbi Brown are a dream come true for lipstick lovers. Below you can see the shades I managed to get my hands on, as well as a list with their names (beginning from left to right).

  1. Bare
  2. Cali Rose
  3. Punch
  4. Regal
  5. Grenadine


The reason why these lipsticks are so amazing is because of their unique formula. They start of as sheer (by doing just one swipe) and then as you add more layers the colour becomes more opaque until it reaches a semi-matte finish. Their name is due to their crushed pigments and lip – loving ingredients. They are enriched with vitamins E and C and beeswax, to make them possibly the most comfortable and balmy lipstick you ever wore. Something else which is really unique about them is their packaging: you can actually see their shade from the outside. This colour goes inside the cap and of course on the bullet and it is the absolutely exact shade as with the lipstick bullet. It is amazing! Usually they are just very similar rather than the exact same shade. Sucha fun packaging. They are very easy to use and fun to apply as you can control how sheer or opaque you want your lipstick to look. They have a semi-matte finish but still keep their balmy feel on the lips, which if you ask me, is quite groundbreaking.

I highly recommend you try these lipsticks because I’m sure you’ll love them as much as most beauty junkies, gurus, editors, experts and of course I do. Especially if you suffer from dry lips as much as myself, these lipsticks will be your life-savers!

Below you can have a look at a few promotional photos of the Crushed Lip Colours.

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xoxo, Angie.