I love Victoria Beckham! She’s one of my style icons and I surely admire her as a business-woman. She’s ultra-chic, glam and utterly gorgeous. Estee Lauder is a unique, iconic, classic and best-selling brand that I truly admire. When their second collaboration was announced I was so excited to get my hands on. Finally, I did. Below you can see the products I got.

“With this makeup collection, I want to make women everywhere feel empowered, beautiful and confident. Inspired by my favourite cities in the world, this collection reflects my own personal beauty vision” – Victoria Beckham


Just like her previous collaboration with the brand, her inspiration is her favourite cities but also the way she sees beauty in these cities. What changes this time, in comparison the previous collection, is her suggested looks and her shades.


She has chosen some really gorgeous shades that you haven’t seen in any other brand before. Gorgeous colours, in really wearable shades. She has also named some signature pieces for her collection which I personally find awesome.


“My experience in front of the camera has taught me how the right light can create the perfect skin tone and texture, and give definition to bone structure, these signature products recreate that same effect for you. They are the starting point for every one of my city looks and are all you need for fresh, glowing skin and beautifully defined features” – Victoria  Beckham


She has created an amazing video that is available on both the Estee Lauder website and on Youtube where she showcases a look you can create using her new products.


  • Morning Aura Illuminating Cream
  • Aura Gloss in Honey
  • Skin Perfecting Powder
  • Eye Ink Mascara in Blackest


The powder is a dream, the mascara works wonders for your lashes and to accompany her Morning Aura moisturizer, she has created the Aura Gloss. These are the products she names her signature products. The basis for her city looks and may I add here, for all your looks! These products are truly divine. 


Along with these signature products comes the signature look. It is beautifying, completely natural and really easy to do. They are made to “beautifully define features”, as she explains.

Her next look is the London look. “smoldering eyes in tones of grey smoke and lush bordeaux. Sparked with bronze and edged with a haze of grey liner. The new nude lip is deeper in intensity and more impactful in matte” – Victoria Beckham


  • Eye Palette
  • Eye Metals in Bitter Clove
  • Eye Ink in Black Myrrh
  • Smudgy Matte Eyeliner in Graphite
  • Eye Kajal in Black Saffron/ Vanille
  • Lip Pencil in Victoria
  • Matte Lipstick in Victoria


The next look is the New York look which is “polished and powerful. A strong navy eye with non-stop sexy liner, from edge-to-edge. The look is balanced by a softer nude lip that shimmers with gloss, echoing the bright lights of the city” – Victoria Beckham


  • Bronzer in Saffron Sun
  • Eye Matte Duo in Saphir/ Orange VIF
  • Eye Kajal in Black Saffron/ Vanille
  • Lip Pencil in Victoria
  • Matte Lipstick in Victoria
  • Lip Gloss in Fired Crystal

This duo palette and bronzer is gorgeous and you can create amazing looks with it. I love to use the orange shade all over my lids and smoke the eyes with the blue shade. Warm up your skin using the bronzer and wear this perfect pinky-nude lipstick to truly turn heads. 

Moving on to the L.A. look “a laid-back look where glowing skin is all you really need. Warm tones of java, clove and molten gold accentuate eyes. Matte bronzer and nude glossy lips evoke sophisticated ease with an L.A. attitude” – Victoria Beckham


  • Bronzer in Saffron Sun
  • Highlighter in Modern Mercury
  • Aura Gloss in Honey
  • Eye Foil in Blonde Gold
  • Eye Metals in Bitter Clove
  • Eye Kajal in Java/ Vanille
  • Lip Gloss in Desert Heat

Gorgeous, warmed-up, bronzed, lighten-from-within skin is what the LA look is all about. Chic and glam at the same time, evoking a certain sense of luxury. This is a truly amazing look, too.

The Miami look is next with “sultry hot and shot with vibrant local colour. Dewy flushed cheeks and warm bronzed skin, accented with rays of liquid gold light. Art deco, electric blue gives a jolt  of cool” – Victoria Beckham


  • Bronzer in Java San
  • Highlighter in Modern Mercury
  • Cheek Cream in Blonde Mink
  • Eye Matte Duo in Bleu Electrique/ Nude
  • Eye Foil in Blonde Gold
  • Eye Kajal in Saphir/ Vanille
  • Matte Lipstick in Burnished Rose


This is a new look in the range and the shades chosen to create this look are, again, magical and really unique. I love this duo palette, too. This blue excites me like no other. It’s really unexpected and yet she’s managed to match it perfectly with this shade of orange. I, also, love this look.

Last but not least is her Paris look, which I have to admit it is my favourite of all. But I think you already know this. It is kind of my signature look. Burgundy lips with eyeliner and mascara. Of course this has that little extra something. It is “sensual and bold. The Parisian lip is opulent in matte black cassis. The eye is simple, yet graphic. Super matte black, liquid eyeliner provides a cool approach to a classically defined French look” – Victoria Beckham


  • Eye Matte Duo in Noir/ Vanille
  • Eye Metals in Blonde Gold
  • Eye Foil in Burnt Anise
  • Eye Ink Matte Eyeliner in Blackest
  • Eye Kajal in Black Saffron/ Vanille
  • Matte Lipstick in Black Cassis


All of the products in this collection have amazing quality even though they’re quite pricey. I do see the reason why but I do understand that it is not for everyone and that’s okay. If I had to choose my top 3 products these would definitely be the powder, the quad palette and the burgundy lipstick.



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xx, Angie.

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