Gifts for Her, Gifts for Him

There are always so many things you can get for your friends and family but usually when it comes to actually deciding what to get, we all freak out a little. So today I’m giving you a few suggestions on what to get for her but also him. Below I’m suggesting cheaper as well as more expensive gifts for almost all budgets.


Gifts for Her


  1. Perfume
  2. Designer lipstick or palette of eyeshadows
  3. A bracelet or ring or pair of earrings
  4. iPad
  5. Books
  6. A set of beanie, gloves and scarf
  7. A handbag or leather wallet
  8. A warm cozy sweater
  9. Shoes
  10. Designer keyring



Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani Armani Prive, Tom Ford, Prada, Chloe, Dior, Laura Mercier and Aqua di Parma and some of the most amazing designer perfume brands



Designer lipstick or palette of eyeshadows:

Your choice will depend on whether she likes to play up her lips or eyes.

For lipstick my favourites are Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry and Bobbi Brown among other brands.

For eyeshadows I love Tom Ford, Burberry, Dior, Smashbox, Kat Von D and Urban Decay (even though the last three are not designer), again, among other brands.



A bracelet or ring or pair of earrings:

Is there a woman in this world who doesn’t love jewellery? I don’t think so. There are so many –relatively- inexpensive brands now that offer some really nice jewellery like Pandora – where you can create your own bracelet and add a different piece on the bracelet each time – and then of course if you can really afford something more expensive classic options like Cartier and Bulgari are my personal favourites. Tiffany’s has a few options for all budgets and that is a great choice, too.



… and of course absolutely any tablet but as I’m a big fan of Apple I couldn’t suggest anything else rather than an iPad. The iPad Pro is what I have my eyes on next but who knows when I will be getting that



For girls who love to read a good book is always an amazing choice. Find out what she likes to read or get her one that has to do with her job or even with her hobbies. If she’s really into makeup Bobbi Brown’s books are amazing as well as Lisa Eldridge’s Face Paint and famous historian Madeleine Marsh’s Compacts and Cosmetics book where she offers all of her amazing knowledge about the history of beauty and makeup from the Victorian Era to today. If she likes fashion Rachel Zoe’s books are amazing and if she likes psychology books I love Jorge Bucai’s books.


A set of beanie, gloves and scarf:

Does it get any more classic than that? Especially during this freezing whether, options like these are always welcomed. The set you can either find one that’s already a set or you can create your own.


A handbag or wallet:

A new handbag whether it’s designer or mid-priced is always appreciated by us women. Brands like Coccinelle (for a more affordable choice) and Louis Vuitton are usually amazing options as they last forever. Michael Kors also does some amazing designs.

A wallet is a more practical and inexpensive choice to a handbag always. My favourite brand for wallets apart from the obvious designer options is Coccinelle because of their amazing-quality leathers


A warm cozy sweater:

A warm cozy sweater is a great option for women of all ages. She can wear in a ton of ways and it’ll get her through the cold months with style!



They will just have to be designer. Why? Because their comfort level is out of this world!!! Jimmy Choo is my personal favourite along with Valentino and


A designer keyring:

If you are getting a keyring it will have to be a designer one to be worth the point other wise it’s usually not a good choice. Designer keyrings are usually not worth the cost in my opinion but you definitely do get something with wow factor that everyone appreciates. Plus, it is designer so why not?!


Gifts for Him

  1. A set of beanie, scarf, gloves
  2. A good book
  3. iWatch
  4. Designer Sac Voyage
  5. A shirt or Polo Shirt
  6. A belt
  7. A pair of socks
  8. The Newest Play Station or a new game for that
  9. Shoes
  10. Leather wallet


  1. A set of beanie, scarf, gloves:

Few usually get something like this to men but it is always a great option. It’ll keep him warm and nicely accessorise his holiday looks


  1. A good book:

Just like I said with women, a person who genuinely loves to read book, also loves to be given as a present a book. See what he likes and get something of his taste


  1. iWatch:

Men and gadgets… oh boy! They always love the and the iWatch seems like a great option. I’m telling you he’s going to be thrilled.


  1. Designer Sac Voyage:

A medium-sized or small one will get him everywhere in the world and he’s going to be thinking of you when he does this. How nice is this?!


  1. A shirt or Polo shirt:

Another obvious choice for men whenever you are unsure what to get him. It also a safe one. If he’s more sporty then a Polo shirt is a better choice. If he does like shirts and he wears them go for a shirt.


  1. A leather belt:

A belt is another classic gift for men. He’s going to love it!


  1. A pair of socks:

This is another gift that people do not think of getting for men but if you get him a really nice, formal one then it is a bit more special. Ralph Lauren does some amazing ones and they’re not expensive.


  1. The new Play Station or a game for this:

If your guy is younger in age then he’ll really appreciate a gift like this. They all love it!


  1. Shoes:

This is for the guy who loves shoes. My favourites are by Tod’s but you can also get him a really nice pair from Adidas or Nike if he’s really athletic. He’ll love you forever.


  1. Leather wallet:

Especially one for his cards. We all have a ton of cards these days and getting them organized is usually hard. This will be a great option. My favourites are by Mont Blanc!

The gift options above are not just stocking fillers for Christmas but work well for any occasion. Whether it is Christmas or birthdays or anniversaries or anything else these gifts always work. Well actually for anniversaries I would go for something for the home which is nicer as it is for both and they can both enjoy it (in this case scented items – like candles – or decoration pieces are the way to go in this case). Obviously these are just a few of the options you could get to somebody and the ones I chose. Feel free to get them anything you like from any brand and always staying true to your budget.


Until next time have a wonderful time and remember to smile!


xx, Angie.

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