Beauty Inspiration: Favourite Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks

They say that Valentine’s Day is a very commercial day. I have to say I agree with this opinion. Still it’s nice to go out with your other half and even in a way celebrate it. At the end of day, why not? It’s always nice to go out with your boyfriend or husband and receive gifts and flowers. You obviously don’t need Valentine’s day to do these things. But it’s a nice excuse to dress a little bit nicer than other days, go somewhere more special – maybe – than normally and of course get a gift. I don’t know about you, but I never say no to a gift. Even if I don’t like the actual gift, I do appreciate the thought, effort, money and time that someone – no matter who they are – puts into buying a gift. Along with all these aspects of Valentine’s Day I like to do something special with my makeup, too, regardless the fact that I normally have the time to do it. Below, you can see a few looks I love for Valentine’s day. Some are simple and others more complex. No matter what your taste I really do hope you enjoy them.