About Me

Hello! I’m Angie, a 20-something, Athens-based, beauty expert, who loves everything beauty – obviously. Be it fashion, beauty or lifestyle, if it is truly beautiful, you bet I love it. But that’s not all…

I grew up in Athens, Greece, attended American schools and studied Business Management at the University of Surrey in England, where my passion for beauty began. Among other things, I love writing, reading, drawing, listening to music, watching movies - and series - whether at the cinema with friends or cuddling at home with my husband. I also love travelling, going out, chocolate, sushi, Italian and cocktails. I also have a Poodle – she’s a girl – called Cookie, whom I love to death and is just the cutest creature on the planet!

Today, I am one of the lucky ones who can say I’m leading a life I love, making my dreams come true and always staying positive. Beauty-Full Lifestyle is a big part of that dream coming to life and for this I am so thankful and grateful. It is a website where I share my passion, expertise, ideas and favourites on beauty. Along the way, I may also add posts on other issues such as home, style, travel and whatever else I love at the time.

As a beauty expert I research, study and eventually evolve through both practice (practicing makeup, trying out different products) and theory (researching, listening to other experts and learning from them and reading about beauty). My Business and Management background also helps, as it gives me and helps me understand even more about how this industry works and how I need to move and evolve within it. Learning something new daily is what I like to do and this is how expand my knowledge.

I really do hope you enjoy this website and my other social media profiles on Instagram (, Pinterest (Red Velvet Beauty) and Twitter (@BFullLifestyle).

Please feel free to contact me any time you want – even if it is to just say “hi” – through the Contact form and I’ll make sure to get back to you asap!

See you out there!

xx, Angie.