Favourite Summer Nail Polishes

When it comes to summer nails there's only one brand that can keep me happy and that as you can probably guess is Tom Ford! He has a great colour collection and everything you might need for all seasons. He even has these shades which are for all year around. Today I want to show you my favourite summer nail polishes. I wear them constantly and I just can't get enough of them! As I have mentioned millions of times, these nail polishes last for 10 days on my nails perfectly. No chipping, no damaging, no nothing. Thay are my favourites and I can definitely never have enough of them! At the photo above you can see my favourite summer, Tom Ford nail polishes and totally make my day whenever I look at them. The colours in order from right to left are the following: Fever Pink, Naked, Carnal Red, Ginger Fire.


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