Favourites: Spring Nail Colours

When spring arrives we all love bright colous and especially for nails. I am here today to show you my favourite spring nail polishes. These colours are a mix of new and old ones but they are all shades I adore and just use every spring and summer. My colour range is kind of limited due to the fact that I am more of classics girl and I like to stick with pinks, nudes and reds, mainly. Below you can see swatches of the nail polishes so you can get an idea of how they look. I put them in colour groups so that you can have a comparison between them and be able to actually see what their differences are.

Let's take them group by group now.

Below you can see the nudes. Optic White is an opaque white colour. I am not a big fan of white nail polish but I love this one. Naked is a barely there, better than no nail polish if you know what I mean. It's like the no-makeup makeup look of nails. It's an amazing shade that makes your nails look 100 times nicer. Stone is gorgeous, different, stone-y shade. Such a great colour. Sugar Dune is a more opaque, faded version of naked. That's what I would call it in a way. It is almost the colour of the nails, but darker, so it's a classic. 

Moving on to the pinks, Lilac is one of Dior's spring 2016 nail colours. It is your pinky-mauve shade that just screams spring to me. I just had to have it. Amazing colour. May is your spring pink which looks amazing on almost everyone I have seen it on and this is how I got to buy it actually. It looks amazing. Fever pink is your fushia shade and as you know I love my bolds. Sometimes even better than pastel or light shades. They just suit my skintone better. Star is the same colour with Fever Pink but just a different shade. Star looks sometimes better on me than Fever Pink but then again, really, it depends on my mood. You should try both and see for yourself.

Last but not least is my reds. Red Heels as you know is my newest obsession as I got it recently and instantly fell in love with it. It is a coral red and It is amazing. I have gotten so many compliments about my nails with this colour. It's amazing! Everyone seems to love it! Carnal Red is your classic go-to red that you just can't go wrong with it. It is vribrant, and classic, and gorgeous, and just utterly glamorous! When I am not wearing Red Heels I'm wearing Carnal Red. You know me... I can never get enough of my Tom Ford nail polishes. Bordeaux Lust I have raved about it so much. I wore it the entire autumn and winter and it was just amazing. I still can't enough of it.

Which are you favourite spring nail colours? I know my list was endless but as you see, ever though they are similar, they are still quite different. Thank you very much everyone for taking the time to read this. Please subscribe to my blog and follow my social media profiles on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. Until next week, have a great day and weekend and I'll talk to you soon. 


Lots of love,

xoxo, Angie.


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