Trends S/S ’18: Supermodel Skin

This is probably my favourite trend for this season! It’s like a “back to basics” kind of trend. I love to just be able to create the best possible skin ever. I find it very unique, very important, very well-missed and extremely underrated. In a time where people everywhere are theoretically against pilling your face with more and more makeup and even more products, but practically this is all they show you how to do. So, you know… as I said… I love this trend! The perfect supermodel skin needs the perfect skincare routine as well as using face products with caution, meaning as much or as little and where needed. Keeping it simple is key here. Correcting and simplifying your routine both with skincare and makeup is also really important.

This season specifically contour was nowhere to be found and skin was almost glowing from within. To achieve this look, your foundation needs to feel and look like skin but if you do need that full coverage go ahead and get such a foundation. It is kind of a new trend now so brands are launching full coverage foundation that look and feel like skin and are also long-wear. So long-wear that they claim to last all day and night. Use a concealer and very minimal powder, too, in a similar formula to keep the skin-like effect on your skin. 

Below you can find my favourite “supermodel skin” makeup looks from this season’s catwalks.