This Exfoliator Will Revel The Skin You Never Knew You Had!

I love exfoliating my skin. I believe that it’s an essential step in anyone’s routine. It takes off dead skin cells and apart from looking more vibrant, healthy, radiant it also helps your beauty products sink in deeper, faster and better, thus making your skincare routine way more effective. I always loved exfoliators. I used to really love the classic exfoliators that you had to rub on skin in order to take all dead skin cells out. However, that was before using this product, I am about to tell you. I am talking about Caudalie’s Glycolic Peel mask.

It’s name says it all. It is basically an exfoliating mask, glycolic is an acid and so its full name is glycolic acid. It’s part of the AHA group, which I will tell what they’re all about, how amazing they are and what they do in another post which is coming soon.

What it does is that the glycolic acid “eats away” any dead skin while have it on and once you take it, you won’t believe how amazing your skin will look and feel. To use this product, you apply it on your skin as you would any other mask and you leave it there for no more than 15 minutes. No rubbing is required. You will realize, once you try it, that it is smooth. After the 15 minutes you rinse it off really well with water.

Please note here that because it contains acid, you should use with caution and get advised by you dermatologist or aesthetician about whether you should even use it. At this point I must also mention that it is not recommended for sensitive skin. Finally, you must use sun protection as long as you use this because it will make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

When I used it, I had no problems with it, obviously and this is why I’m recommending it to you. Personally, I can’t do my weekly routine without using it at least once. It is my favourite and I highly recommend it. Until next time, have a great day and remember to smile!


xx, Angie.