My Favourite Handbag of All Time

Today I want to share with you my excitement about my favourite handbag of all time.

It is my companion for my everyday life, my work, my trips and travels and makes me feel ultra glamorous whenever I hold it. It is my one and only Givency Antigona (medium) tote. I love it to death and in some way it has changed my life. It can carry everything I need during everyday while running errands, going to work. It is black, with a soft leather which makes it so unique and also has a very comfortable shoulder strap. It is undoubtely expensive but I was saving up for a year in order to get it so now I am enjoying it immensely! It is by far my favourite bag and because it is black it matches all my clothes and accessories. It also matches perfectly with my other absolute favourite colour which is burgundy and together they create an incredible look (black + burgundy). It has great pockets inside; one narrower than the other and a big zipper on the opposite side making it extremely practical!

Below you can have a look of this great bag. Please subscribe to my blog and follow my other social media accounts. Let me know which is your favourite handbag in the comments below. Until next week, have a great day and weekend.

Lots of love,

xoxo, Angie.

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