Cepillo: Cocktail & Tapas Bar

Cepillo is a new, unique tapas bar in Kifisia, Athens, Greece next to Kouvoutsaki gallery, which has slowly become one of my favourite places to be. I found out about it out of luck when realized one of my favourite barmen was working there. I so had to try it. The food and the drinks are amazing and it fills up with customers after a certain hour. It's amazing! I met up with the owner of the restaurant and he talked to me about his inspiration for creating this tapas bar, his logo and his decoration which everything is truly amazing!

The logo is Salvador Dali's moustache.

Cepillo in spanish are the brush artists use to create their masterpieces.

The inside area reminds of a dining room of a Spanish villa and the floor is made of the chicest and most sophisticated.

The restaurant has excellent quality, which shows in the chef and barman's creations.

It is very unique with good rates, friendly and welcoming staff and incredible tastes, which I am sure they will mind-transfer you to Spain.

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