Christian Louboutin New Perfumes

After creating one of the most amazing, exciting, glamorous and of course famous shoes in the world, Christian Louboutin created his beauty line bringing out nail polishes, then lipsticks with their matching lip liners, then lip glosses and now perfumes. He is amazing in everything he does! The nail polishes and lip products are unique and so I believe are his perfumes. I haven't tried the perfumes to have a personal opinion but I honestly can't wait. There are three scents for which you can also find some basic information about them below. All the information and photos I got from the website of Selfridge's after clicking on each of the perfumes to find out more about them. You can also shop and find out more about them at the Selfridge's app and of course the following link:

  • Tornade Blonde -- It contains red roses, sweet violets and cassis. It is "the scent of love and adventure... feminine, potent, animalistic, yet floral" as they describe it on the Selfridge's website on the following link where you can also buy it from there.
  • Bikini Questa Sera -- It contains jasmine and tuberose. It is "the scent of a woman as day turns into night" as described on the Selfridge's website on the following link where you can also buy it from there. I think that this is my perfume. I'm all about jasmine and it actually suits my skin best. Most of the fragrances I have adored over time have jasmine in them so I suppose that this will be the one for me.
  • Trouble in Heaven -- It contains iris, patchouli, tonka absolut and oriental amber. It is sensual and "lights the fire... the royal purple and gold ombre, recalls the palette of French Art Nouveau glass artists Emile Galle" as described on the Selfridge's website on the following link where you can also buy it from there.

I hope that I was able to help you and give you a first idea of the perfumes and their scents. As I mentioned above, you can visit the Selfridge's website or download their application on your smartphone and have a better look and also buy it from them. The bottles are 80ml and they cost GBP 215 each. Until next time we talk, I hope you have a great time. Talk to you soon.


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