The Books That Changed My Life

As weird as it may sound for some of you, a book can actually change one's life. Growing up, I was one of those kids who didn't have a clear talent at something nor did I fail particularly at anything. I was just plainly good at most things. Style for me was something that I couldn't really understand, I was just not particularly good at but still it always fascinated me. There was always and sometimes still is something that troubles me: how to put an outfit together, that is. I always used clothes in an attempt to express who I was at a particular time period, even when I didn't realise it. I am a naturally extremely stressful person and shopping and style was my way out of it, without really realising it at first. I loved to look at the pages of Vogue magazine and especially the September issues. The fashion and the looks seemed so grand, glamorous and exciting, they almost made my heart stop. At some point I decided to start looking a lot more into fashion and I decided to visit a bookstore to try to find a book about it. That was when and how I discovered Rachel Zoe and her book "Style A to Zoe". I bought it immediately and started reading it and I just couldn't stop. It changed my life in the sense that she organised my thoughts, I learnt a lot of things I didn't know about fashion and style, and found out about what the basics were, what I needed to have in my closet no matter what and she put my mind into a glamorous world where I didn't want to get out of. I immediately started improving and changing up my style using her methods that she describes in her book and it was a miracle. It took me years of course to really understand what I was doing exactly and why, and I experimented a lot with different styles trying to find my own. Even though I never was and I am not even now, a glamazon of any sort, I am very happy with where I am style-wise and I feel a lot more confident and also know exactly what looks good on me, what doesn't and what I like to wear on several occasions. She changed the way I was thinking generally and of course, more than anything really, my style.

A few years passed, I came a lot more involved with the beauty world, too, but that story you already know. By that time my style has become 100 times better than what it was and just when I thought that I had obtained all of the style and beauty advice I could possibly get, she comes out with her second book, "Living In Style" which even though it is similar it is also still different and more relevant to her life now. It was just like an epiphany this new book. All of the information I had acquired for all those years was put into place and I finally realised what I wanted to do. I still read them again and again, these two books, when I need some inspiration and then I go online on Pinterest to try and find photos of the looks I have in mind that I want to do. The books are so inspiring, its photos are amazing and the way she writes is so easy to read and fun that you never get tired reading them. There is so much information on both of these books about style, beauty, home decor and entertaining and so much more. She also has celebrities guest writing parts of the book and it is such a perfect, glamorous and beautiful work, these two books, that you just HAVE TO go and buy them!

They 100% changed my life and I hope they will change yours, too. I hope you enjoy them and please let me know what you thought of them if you end up buying them! I'll talk to you soon.


Lots of love,


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