Product of the Month: Tom Ford Purifying, Cleansing Oil

I am one of those people where as much as I love doing makeup, I am as bored in taking it off and taking care of my skin at night. I always try, therefore, to find products that are easily and quickly used. Even with makeup. I get bored every time I stumble upon a product where I need to use it a certain, weird way or use certain colours or shades with it in order to work for me. Just like most people, I have limited time to spend on my makeup and care for my skin (body, face) and hair and so the easiness and time a product needs to be used properly and work is crucial for me. Today I want to present to you my favourite face cleanser. It is by Tom Ford and it is simply unique!!! Expensive (as most of Tom Ford's products) but oh so worth its money. Everyone who tries it buys it. At least the people who can appreciate it because if you think, this is another just another cleanser then you are 100% wrong! This product is a miracle on earth! You use it on your face, eyes and lips without taking any of your makeup off earlier. It is a product in an oil form that turns into gel once it comes in contact with water and it both cleanses your face as well as takes your makeup off, COMPLETELY!!! I am so obsessed with this product!

Best way to use it is slightly damp your face with water and then massage it into your skin. Your makeup will be all over your face which is not so nice to see in the mirror but then when you just splash water to your face to remove it, it all comes off with no extra effort! It takes me about a minute to use this product and then applying my toner, eye and face cream is like a piece of cake. Another thing I love about this product is how clean my skin looks afterwards. I have never it seen it looking cleaner in my life! And then any product I add sits like a dream. Another bonus is it's oil formula as it does not dry out the skin. You still need to add your moisturiser and your skin doesn't feel stretchy afterwards. You will only believe me once you've tried it!!

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