Favourite Skincare: Charlotte Tilbury Products

I never used to be a fun of skincare. I am very lazy when it comes to taking care of my skin. I have to admit though that I always had a good skin which never needed much anyway. I used to go through phases loving products which was a motivation for me to use them and so taking care of my skin has been fun at times. A favourite routine of mine used to be Clinique's 3-Step. I have heard a lot of good and bad reviews about it but since it helped my skin I didn't really care what others said. At some point I got kind of bored of it again and stopped taking care of it or I would use whatever I found in front of me. That was until I discovered Charlotte Tilbury's range. I mean it is just something else completely. I am obsessed with it. Then again I am obsessed with every single product of her line so I am not sure how objective I am about this but anyway. It has worked wonders on my skin and it has helped me through the roughest of weathers.

Now after all this great intro I will be honest with you and say I have only tried 3 products. Then again until recently she only had 4 so that's not so bad. So the products I have tried are the following:

  • Charlotte's Magic Cream
  • Multi-Miracle cream
  • Goddess Skin Clay Mask

I just can't say enough about these. Now, they are expensive. Especially the Magic Cream (EUR 90, GBP 70). But you know what? They are worth every single cent. No other moisturiser and mask has worked better on my skin. Let me note that the Multi-Miracle cream can be used on the face and body and also as a makeup remover. I personally love to use it as a makeup remover because it takes off all of that makeup and at the same time it hydrates my skin so it gives me that lazy girl 2-1 steps I need before going to bed. You know: love to put on that makeup, hate to take it off. But you know, I can't do any differently.


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Let me know in comments section below if you have tried these products and if not what are your favourites.

See you soon on my next post.


xoxo, Angie.

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