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When it comes to perfumes Tom Ford is truly in my heart. Not that Tom Ford generally isn't, but their perfumes are from another planet. That's the best way, I think, I can describe my love for them. As they are so unique and expensive, I thought I would share my collection and my thoughts on them so that you have an idea of what sort of perfume I like and where I think you should begin from, if you are new to the range. First of all, let me clarify that I will be talking about their Private Range of perfumes and not their more affordable range. 

These perfumes have true extracts (from flowers, fruits or anything else they use) and this is why they are very strong and they last for at least 6 hours (some of them even last longer on me). So you are paying a lot of money on one hand, but also for a true perfume, of really high quality, with truly unique scents, that last a really long time. You can also mix and match the scents to create your own truly unique scent.

Tobacco Vanille is my personal favourite and I wear it all the time. Tom Ford was inspired by this one by London and the "english gentlemen's club, redolent with spice". What drew me to it in the first place was the Vanille part of its name. Vanilla suits my skintone amazingly well and so I had to try this unique edition of it. It has become my staple fragrance and I can't imagine changing it for anything. Well almost... You'll see what I mean by that in a minute. The perfume includes: creamy tonka bean, vanilla, cocoa, dry fruit accords and sweet wood sap". It has a very modern and at the same time classic, opulent feel to it that you can't resist. It is an almost man's perfume "unless worn by a woman". To me it also feels quite mysterious and sexy, too, but you know... fragrance is quite personal so try it yourself and let me know what you think about it.

If I couldn't have Tobacco Vanille ever again then I would demand that I have Jasmin Rouge for life. Jasmin is another scent that really suits my skintone. Perfumes I have adored in the past include Chanel No. 5 and one of the editions of J' Adore by Dior, both of which mainly include jasmin. So again, I had to try Jasmin Rouge. It was the very first Tom Ford Private Blend perfume I ever got and what got me hooked with the range. It's sexy, floral, sweet, feminine, unique and even a little erotic, too! I haven't met a single person that doesn't love Jasmin Rouge. It's amazing! It is "an unexpected blend of precious sambac jasmine sepals absolute, an ingredient never used before in perfumery with dusky clary sage and rich spices". It truly is unique and you have to try it!

Santal Blush is Tom Ford's most popular perfume I think. It is fresh and perfect and suits most people. It has a mix of woods, spicys and florals that make it unique and also so wearable for most people. It is a really unique perfume that I believe you will truly enjoy. As Tom Ford describes it on his website Santal Blush is "a mesmerising, spicy wood oriental. A textured fusion of creamy sandalwood and exotic eastern spices is enhanced with intoxicating florals and sumptuous woods to create soft, naked glamour with a mysterious spirit of modern earthiness". It sounds, looks, scents and feels glamorous and perfect!

Ombre Leather 16 is my latest purchase by this range and one I have really close to my heart. I am all about florals but who can resist the mysteriousness and sexiness of a little bit of leather. It travels you to another era and takes you to all sorts of dreamy places. It's really unique. Tom Ford describes it on his website as "textured, sleek, enveloping, for the first time Tom Ford unveils a private blend Eau de Parfum directly inspired by the runway... A textural take on the most precious of fine leathers, Ombre Leather 16 imprints with tactile sensuality, revealing a refined combination of contrasts the sleek enigma of black leather wrapped in voluptuous glamour". How can you not love or be intrigued to try this perfume by this description?

Soleil Blanc was the perfume released this last summer with the matching makeup collection which was a new addition to the range. It is a very summery scent, fruity, refreshing and glamorous. It has the most amazing florals and other accents combined together to create a perfume that just makes you happy when you smell it. As Tom Ford describes it, "unexpected. Sultry. Addictive. Remote private islands where summer lasts all year and one day seamlessly blends into the next inspire soleil blanc, an addictive solar floral amber alive with seductive refinement and refreshing decadence... It unapologetically exudes the endless pursuit of sun and luxury..." Now can seriously not run at your nearest counter to try this scent?

White Suede was given to me as a present and it is my latest one from the range. Not my latest purchase but my newest! This has a very different scent from the rest of them. Its scent reminds one of cleanness, freshness. It is different, powdery and discreet. As Tom Ford describes it "Wild. Charming. Irresistible. To Tom Ford, leather and suede have a powerfully addictive pull. In this elegant usk fragrance, he captures the primal essence of the supple, sensual materials, giving them beautiful new dimension with a surprising musk medley that is heightened with velvety rose and warm amber." After reading this, do you agree with me on how unique this is?

I hope that you enjoyed reading the post and that I did inspire you to try Tom Ford's Private Blend range or to get your next one from the range. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my post. If you enjoyed it, please subscribe to my blog and follow me on Facebook (Beauty-Full Lifestyle), Pinterest (Red Velvet Beauty), Instagram (, Twitter (@beautyfulllifes), Youtube (Red Velvet Beauty) coming soon and Bloglovin' (Beauty-Full Lifestyle, @beautyfulllifestyle). Until next time I hope you have a great time, enjoy yourself and as always keep smiling... it's quite addicting!


xoxo, Angie.

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