Let Your Lips Glow!

I’ve always loved Dior’s lip balms. Especially now that the brand added two new finishes – matte and holographic – to the collection and ten new shades ranging from pinks to purples to coral.

These lip balms have a unique technology called Color Reviver which while being a lip balm, it also uses the warmth and natural color of lips to create a custom color that suits everyone. It contains mango butter, which gives lips great hydration for hours. Lips look fresh, revived and full for hours. The matte finish is hydrating and gives lips a unique look, while the holographic finish is an iridescent finish which is one of the huge trends right now.

The shades are all unique and amazing and I strongly encourage you to try them. Below you can a few promo photos I selected, a few lip swatches by Dior from their website, as well as a couple of photos I took from the shades I own. Hope you enjoy them. See you at my next post.       xx