Bobbi Brown’s Remedies Family Has A New Member And It Is Great!

I have loved the Remedies range by Bobbi Brown and when I discovered they’ll launching and adding a new product in the family, I was thrilled and very excited to try it. I’m talking about the new Skin Brightening Serum No. 42 that was recently launched and is seriously good.

It is an amazing brightening serum, which boosts cell turnover and leaves skin radiant and even by very gently exfoliating it, due to the AHAs it contains. Skin looks healthier and seriously restored after about a week of using it day and night.

The reason why I particularly love this range is because each of the products of the Remedies family can be used together and this way you can have added benefits to your daily skincare routine.

I highly recommend both the Skin Brightener and the Remedies range to you, as I am sure you will enjoy it and see your skin changing day by day, use by use. Until next time, enjoy and remember to smile!            

xx, Angie.