A Unique, Addictive Lip Product by Aesop

Whenever I write a post I’m always trying to give you useful information about the products and also recommend unique ones. Of course, along the process, I will also add other, more commonly seen products simply because they're "trending now". My goal, however, every time, is to offer something unique. This is also one of the reasons I stopped writing for so long. I felt like I kept talking about what everyone else was and kind of lost meaning. Still today I am here with something truly unique. It’s uncertain to me whether you have heard of the brand called Aesop. It is a very unique brand offering skincare, body care, haircare and aromatherapy products for both men and women. Its scents and ingredients are in my opinion what make the brand so unique among other brands. One of my absolute favourite products is the Roselip Lip Cream (yes, it’s a cream; neither a balm, nor a gloss).


This unique product is suited for most skin types and Aesop claims that skin feels “hydrated and conditioned with a non-greasy feeling”. It’s main ingredients include Rosehip Seed, Tocopherol and Ylang Ylang. It’s scent is citrus, floral and nutty and you can apply as much as you need of it until your lips feel hydrated, smooth and… yummy. 

The reason why the Rosehip Lip Cream is so amazing is basically because of its scent but also the ingredients Rosehip Seed and Ylang Ylang. I have already prepared some amazing posts about the incredible benefits of Rosehip Seed and Ylang Ylang in cosmetics but also for our health. So stay tuned for those. Here is another reason why I love this product; stay focused now because this is the most important: When I applied it as a hydrator for my lips it wasn’t as effective as I wanted it to be. But applying it on top of  my matte or matte liquid lipsticks when they were all chapped dry, the result was miraculous. It may hydrate your lips perfectly and probably it will. I have severely chapped lips and so very few products work for me. However, the fact that I found a perfect solution to this problem was a dream come true. Actually no. I couldn’t even imagine that this was possible. It hydrated my lips without ruining neither the colour not the texture. My lipstick didn’t bleed and it stayed perfect for the rest of the night. 

This product is a true miracle worker and I strongly recommend you try it! It costs EUR 11 and if you don’t have an Aesop stand or shop where you live, you can order it online just like I do! I’m sure you’ll love it!

xx, Angie.