This New Blush Range Is Everything You Want In A Blush

I was never a blusher person. I love makeup looks that look intense and have high contrasts. In this sort of sense I am an all or nothing girl. Truth is that if you are careful with your base then you can pull the look off. My colours are all about contrasts, too, (light skin, blackish-brown hair) so you know it is a look that suits me and I can really wear it. 

A blush is what softens everything down, adds colour and pulls everything together. I like to apply it last, so that everything else is on and then you can tell exactly which sort of shade you need and how much of it. This is also something else that you should be careful with your blush: quantity. The only exception is if you are doing a look that’s based on your blush. In that case you start with the blush, after, of course, you’ve done your base and everything you include in that category.

So while in this blusher discussion I would like to introduce you to Dior’s new blush range, called Rouge Blush. The range includes 15 gorgeous shades that even I – that I am not a blush person – want them all. The shades are so juicy and delicious that you almost want to eat them. They are truly Dior meaning truly couture, long-wear, in amazing finishes – three to be exact: matte, shiny, iridescent – and they blend on your cheeks like a dream! Oh my!! Dior significantly mentions on their website that “Rouge Blush is our only blush that gives cheeks intense and ultra-pigmented colour guaranteed to last”. I find that to be a strong statement but also true. I also believe that right now they are the best blushes on the market. There’s another bold statement for you! (haha) The range brings out your inner femme fatale, sultry, radiant self with iridescent cheeks, intense, buildable colour that lasts for hours, warm, ombre shades and textures that – as I already mentioned – blend seamlessly on your cheeks. Rouge Blush has every shade you could ever want ranging from “the softest pink to the deepest plum not to mention vibrant coral and delicate nudes”.

The shade I have is 555 Rose Dolce Vita and when I wore it, it just left me feeling happy, girly and ready to take on whatever the day had in store for me. Now careful because up until now only a lipstick could ever make me feel this way. I seriously want to get all 15 shades. It is the only range that I am actually loving right now. Well there is one more but that’s another post coming soon. Throughout the years of me wearing makeup I have loved blushes before but mostly because of their shades and then if they were cream blushes – this is also another separate post.

Below you can have a look at all the shades the range offers. I hope you enjoy browsing through these amazing shades. Until next time… xx