This New Lipstick Range Promises Velour, Extreme, Matte Lips

Listen… I know that I write too much about lipstick. Okay?! I get it. It’s my passion though and I really can not do anything about it. I can’t help it. Especially matte and creamy lipsticks. Oh my! I can never have enough lipsticks and this is the truth. So don’t judge! Laura Mercier came out with a brand new lipstick range during the summer with all matte lipsticks and as you’ve probably guessed I had to have them. I started with two and then went back again and again for more shades and ended up having a bunch. The thing now is that they've become my addiction. They’re called Velour Extreme Matte and I’m officially addicted to them. 

They have this truly velour matte texture that glide on your lips so bold with one swipe and I just can’t get enough. They stay on forever, especially if you don’t overload your lips with lipstick like most girls do, and the shades are gorgeous. Let me just say at this point that the shade range in insane: 25 brand new, never before seen shades that coat your lips with what I consider a perfect matte. Luxurious, velour, long-lasting, comfortable, bold, juicy, matte shades made in heaven. Even their natural shades are bold and vibrant in a way. They are really stand out shades. I am seriously obsessed. Below, you can have a look at all 25 shades of this gorgeous collection so that you can browse them at the comfort of your sofa and choose the ones you like the most. Enjoy!