These New Liquid Lipsticks Are Major

Dolce & Gabbana is one of the newest beauty brands that I adore. They do some really gorgeous runway look with perfect feline flicks and have some of the best lipsticks ever! Now they’re launching a new range of lipstick with the most amazing packaging and of course and 12 brand new shades. Its name? Dolcissimo, meaning “the sweetest”. 

The Dolcissimo lipsticks are liquid lipsticks which instantly create a captivating allure on the lips and the entire face taking your sensuality to next level extreme. Lips look full, sexy and sensual and they were created for women who wish to have lips with an intense and longwear creamy matte colour. Dolcissimo doesn’t have a huge range of shades, but rather a few gorgeous which I believe every woman will love. As far as I know the lipsticks are not out on the market yet but they are definitely a range I am dying to try, as I believe they will be the best liquid lipsticks out there.

I know I keep making this sort of statements lately but I honestly believe that all of these new ranges coming out across all brands are truly special. Have a look at the photos I have collected for you including the entire range of shades with their names. I love 01, 03 and then I think I can’t choose between the reds and darker shades. I think that I already love this range and I definitely can’t wait for their launch.

Until next time…