Make Your Eyes Standout With The New G. Armani Palettes

2018 has definitely been a year of change in the premium beauty industry but also in my life. Sticking to beauty though, across all brands, one thing I’ve realised they have in common this year is changing their ranges. Ranges have been discontinued, renewed, new ones have come out but also more have been launched. Premium brands are launching this year some truly high tech, phenomenal products with textures, finishes but also packaging going truly to the next level and beyond, while still keeping their own “DNA”. 

One such brand is Giorgio Armani Beauty with his Eyes to Kill Quattro Eyeshadow palettes – among other amazing launches - which are truly never-before-seen products offering a unique experience. I say “experience” because it is really an experience using these eyeshadows. You can’t even imagine how luxe and smooth they feel, even just touching them – let alone wearing them.

There are eight palettes, in highly pigmented colours, ranging from nudes to bold to smoky shades. They have a very comfortable and long-lasting formula and they are a unique experience to apply and feel. Their texture is ultra-creamy, premium and elegant and they come in matte, satin and sparkling finishes that you’ve never tried before.

Below you can have a look at the shades of this unique range. Until next time…