The New Dior Backstage Pros

Have you noticed how many different ranges, products and re-launches has Dior come up with, during the last… five years probably? They are so many and it has been truly interesting to see all of these changes happening! One of these latest releases has been the unique transformation of the Backstage Pros range which now has its own stand, too. It is now a complete, different range within the Dior Makeup family, where you can find professional products and shades for everyone. The new additions which I want to share with you today include a highlighting palette, a bronzing palette, a lip palette, and two eyeshadow palettes: one cool toned and one warm. It’s such a great collection that I truly find unique and I think you should try. 

It’s the makeup line inspired by Dior Backstage and designed by Peter Phillips for all women seeking for a professional result. Textures are unique, easy to use and the women who choose this line will be able to easily create the perfect no-makeup makeup without any difficulty due the products’ textures but also more smoky, darker looks by choosing the darker shades in the palettes. I also find this collection perfect for travel. Everything is glamorously packed in palettes and you only need few extra products with you. Perfect for a trip, a weekend getaway or even for the woman who likes to have a basic makeup collection at home without spending too much time on neither choosing the shades and products nor applying them and still get a perfect result every time. Below, you can have a look at the photos I prepared for you with the products! Hope you enjoy them!