This Is Your New Favourite Lipstick

During the last five years the beauty industry has changed completely. Be it the bloggers/ vloggers/influencers, or change in consumers’ income, or even the fact that technology has severely advanced, truth is it has changed. One of the brands that has undergone the most changes – if not the brand that has changed the most – is by far Dior. We’ve seen new ranges of all its products come and go so much that we bought something and didn’t even know how long that would last on the stand. This is not a bad thing though as each new range that was released was always way better and cooler and more advanced in technology than the previous one. Dior has only changed its ranges THAT much, it has also improved its textures, technologies and shades more than any other brand and each time the result is even more premium and eventually even more Dior.

Now, for a fact the last at least five years in beauty have been – mainly – all about lipstick, let alone bold/ dark lipstick. Dior has mastered the art of creating lipstick, having today probably one of the best five – in my opinion – lipstick ranges on the market. I am talking of course about the brand new Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge range. This collection is insanely good! It comes in 26 brand new, couture, Ultra Dior shades, with ultra-pigmented, long-wearing, luminous, semi-matte, hydrating formula that lasts “up to 12 hours” as Dior describes. Now I don’t know if it is truly 12 hours but what I can confirm is that they do last impressively long. I have eaten, drank, been out for hours. What I can confirm is that the lipstick stays on really well for its category of lipsticks (super hydrating formula), it doesn’t leave my lips cracked and when it eventually leaves my lips, it does so evenly and even then it looks amazing. They glide on the lips dreamy and they look amazing even as a stain. The shades are incredible and with this big a range you understand that there’s a shade for every woman. In my opinion it is the best range Dior has ever released. So if you are a woman who loves Dior’s lipstick, or even you aren’t and you are looking for your perfect lipstick I am sure that the range will offer you just that. There is a great selection in all colours, the packaging is beautiful and unique yet oh so Dior.

I am loving them so much that I carry the first one I ever bought – which is 883 Ultra Poison – everywhere with me whether I am wearing it or not. It is kind of like my secret weapon. I can update my look, no matter what the occasion and show off my beauty in less than a minute. I don’t think it gets better than that! 

Below you can have a look at the all the shades from the range and choose your favourites. You can also browse at some of the promotional photos, which are simply inspiring…